Kate Slaughter Photography

Looking deeper into your world...


My photography started as a way of sharing travel experiences with someone who I knew would never be able to travel and see those things for themselves. I found a used camera shop that fit my limited budget and also nurtured my attempts to improve my pictures.

One thing I remember most from those early days was the support and encouragement others gave to me. One professional photographer who had been a Vietnam war photographer and frequented the same camera shop, told me that I had the ability to put what I actually saw onto the finished photograph. He said this was a real gift not everyone had. And he finished, rather sternly, that if I didn't do everything possible to improve and nurture that gift, it would be wasted.

I started with manual focus equipment—a Canon AE-1 Program manual film body with f1.4, 50mm lens, and later added Canon A1 and F1 camera bodies and various lenses.

I started in digital photography with a point and shoot Olympus camera, then got a Fuju Finepix camera with fixed lens. For a time those camera were enough for me to learn about digital photography.

I expanded to a Nikon D70s SLR after I got my German shepherd puppy in 2005—when I realized my small digital camera's shutter lag prevented me photographing Schatzie running! That led to a Nikon D200 which I still use today. Recently a Nikon D300s joined my collection. I love the higher resolution and finer exposure control.

If you would like a copy of one of my photos, please feel free to contact me. Please include why you want it and the use to which it will be placed.